The best late-night restaurants in Melbourne

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The best late-night restaurants in Melbourne


Topolino’s: Lights are out, drinks are in, and your legs have been dancing for hours. Or maybe you’re on your way home from a work bender in the office (we hope it’s not the latter). Either way, Melbourne’s your jam, there’s plenty open late and Topolino’s in St Kilda is first on the list.  Taking their name from the owner’s first Fiat Topolino back in 1972, they offer a wide range of cheesy pizzas – my favourite, the Bologna (arguably the best city in Italy) layered with spaghetti, bolognese sauce and parmesan cheese. Thin crust pizza doesn’t do it for you? Try their foccacia-style pizza. And if you’re in more of a meal mood order the beef and reef, calamari or parmigiana for a change. Topolino’s is open until 1.30am on weeknights and as late as 4.30am on weekends. Plus, they serve wine and cocktails too if you want to kick on. Tunes to expect? Dick In A Box by The Lonely Island.

Mr Kwok: One thing’s for sure, Mr Kwok is more than just a restaurant you want to end up at on the way home. Although they are open as late as 3am on weeknights and 4am on weekends, I strongly suggest starting your night here too – and why not stay until close anyway? Mr Kwok prides themselves on serving family recipes of traditional Gansu cuisine from the inland north western region of China. Their vibe? Futuristic with dim lighting, flickering candles and LCD beams providing light for your dumpling consumption. In fact their atmosphere is so encapsulating, one time, a man walked in during an acid trip convinced he was on the set of Blade Runner. Vibe aside, Mr Kwok serve incredible food. Shanghai pork dumplings – AKA juicy dumplings – sizzling cumin lamb, magic chilli and French beans stir fry is just a peek at their menu. Tunes to expect? Nouvelle Vague: Love Will Tear Us Apart.

Lukamandes: What makes leaving the DJ for your sweet tooth booty call bearable? Heading to the DJ’s Greek doughnut store in West Melbourne – conveniently one suburb away from the CBD. That’s where you’ll find Exarhos, AKA Greece’s finest selector working his new doughnut shop Lukumandes.  Not only does Exarhos play phat beats until 10pm every night, but it’s definitely the most talked about shop on the streets right now. His doughnuts of deep fried dough soaked in syrup, chocolate, honey and nut toppings take their place as Melbourne’s simplest and sweetest pleasure. You can find these Greek delights at their staple store on Peel Street, West Melbourne, or working their many food trucks aiding sugar cravings all over.

Stalactites: Ever been in that situation where all you want is lamb from the spit but nothing except Revs is open? Well, those dark days are over my friends because Stalactites Greek Restaurant on Lonsdale Street is open 24 hours a day. You heard me, it never, ever shuts. And their food is ridiculous! The restaurant has been running since 1978 by a hardworking Greek family and Chef Dimitra Melios (now 65 years old) serves saganaki, fresh kalamari, meat platters and their famous lamb and chicken souvlaki’s right through the AMs and PMs. What I love about Stalacities most though, is the atmosphere their family has created – loud, homely, lively and full of love. Stalacities is now more considered an institution, so much so, that our late Prince stalled in one evening rocking heels to which Chef Dimitra (in her heavy Greek accent) asked which dress-up party he was going to. Prince found this very, very funny.