Thank God You’re Here is back: Network 10 revives improv comedy show

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Thank God You’re Here is back: Network 10 revives improv comedy show

Thank God You're Here

The classic comedy series will return after 14 years with a new host and cast.

In need of a good laugh? We’ve got some news for you. Australia’s beloved sketch comedy series Thank God You’re Here will make a comeback in 2023.

The program will be brought back to life by Network 10 and the Working Dog production company and is set to make a return to screens sometime later this year. It will also have a new host: Celia Pacquola has been announced as the leader of the show, guiding contestants through hilarious and unpredictable scenarios.

Thank God You’re Here Reboot

  • Network 10 and Working Dog productions have revitalized the hit series
  • Celia Pacquola has been announced as the new host
  • The show is scheduled to be on air sometime later this year

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The comedian, writer, presenter and actor is best known for her stand-up comedy work and her performances on TV programs Good News Week, Utopia and The Beautiful Lie.

Network 10 teased the reboot of the series as an audience guessing game during screenings of the F1 Australian Grand Prix, before revealing the news yesterday.

On the popular show, four contestants are ushered by the host through the iconic blue door and into unknown scenarios.

After being greeted by the classic line, ‘Thank god you’re here!’, the players must improvise their roles among a cast of actors. Once they’ve each performed a scene, they enter the stage together for an “all-in group challenge” before the judge declares a winner of the episode.

Guests that have appeared on past seasons of the show include Dan O’Connor, Alan Fletcher, Kimberley Davis, Matt Welsh, Simon Burke, Nikki Webster, Nick Molloy and Damien Flemming. The show first aired in 2006 and ran for four seasons before finishing in 2009.

To learn more about the 2023 reboot of Thank God You’re Here on Network 10, head here