Teenage Dads want you to ‘go jump on your bed, eat a burger for breakfast’

Teenage Dads want you to ‘go jump on your bed, eat a burger for breakfast’

Teenage Dads

Hailing from Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula, Teenage Dads have been winning over fans with their memorable songwriting, quirky charisma and out-of-this-world live show.

Today, the four piece band drop the video for their latest single ‘Cheerleader’, out now via Chugg Music, which navigates the childlike wonder of making your own fun at home.

They’re also excited to announce their eight track EP Club Echo, will be released 5 November and they’ll be performing headline shows in Melbourne, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, Sydney, Newcastle and Adelaide this October and November.

What you need to know

  • Teenage Dad have dolled out another indie head-nodder with Cheerleader.
  • They’ve got an eight-track EP coming out in November
  • They also have upcoming live shows at the Corner Hotel and Monash Uni

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The band had to get super creative when it came to filming the video for their latest single.

“The themes in ‘Cheerleader’ are about indecisiveness and regret so for this video and our Director Gabe Hanvey, based it around the idea of ‘seizing the day,'”explains drummer, Vince.

The thought of  making the most of it, even if you’re stuck in your home with nowhere to go, resulted in a joyful video packed with insights into the band’s bright and cheerful personalities.

“It’s as if you came out on the other side of these regretful times and decided to take action having learnt from them,” he says. “Go ride your heelys, go jump on your bed, go eat a burger for breakfast!”

Teenage Dads have also revealed their EP Club Echo will be released 5 November and will include current single ‘Cheerleader’, previous single ‘Thank You for the Honey, Honey’ as well as six unreleased tracks.

“This EP looks at our lives from the last five years but from our current perspective,” he continues. “It looks at the concept of change and how life continues to move in spite of everything that may be going on in your life: the friendships, the obstacles you face and next chapters.

“What’s happened has happened, and whether it was how you intended or you’re stuck living with regret is not up to you. It’s bittersweet, a reminder of the good times but also a reminder that they’re gone and you can’t go back.”

“It’s like you’re looking at these moments “through a window”, like a party you weren’t invited to.” says frontman Jordan of the EP.

‘Cheerleader’, which has been added to triple j follows on from ‘Thank You For The Honey, Honey‘ and catapulted the band to sold-out shows and performances as special guests for Lime Cordiale.


3rd October – Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC
20th October – Monash Uni, Melbourne VIC
5th November – Solbar, Maroochydore QLD*
6th November – O’Skulligans, Gold Coast QLD*
7th November – BBQ Bazaar, Gold Coast QLD*
12th November – 107 Projects, Redfern NSW
14th November – Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle NSW
20th November – Howler, Melbourne VIC#
21st November – Jive Bar, Adelaide SA***

You can grab tickets on sale now