Teenage Dads take us on a cosmic journey with ‘Potpourri Lake’

Teenage Dads take us on a cosmic journey with ‘Potpourri Lake’


On Potpourri Lake Teenage Dads present a wolf in lambs clothing. Or to put it another way: a jacked-as-fuck wrestler wearing an Hawaiian shirt.

The four-piece from Mt Eliza’s sound rhetorically references a period in the early 1980s when songs were heavily informed by stringent rhythm of punk minus the ostensible non-conformity i.e. A Certain Ration, The Jam and The Smiths. Contemporaneously Potpourri Lake positions Teenage Dads somewhere between King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard and post-punk revivalists These New South Wales.

Opening song ‘Alrighty’ sees the proverbial Hawaiian shirt popping a fair few buttons as a staunch rhythm creates an invasive urgency that permeates throughout the song.
Likewise, the Theremin-heavy ‘Bees’ borders on dystopian, with the five-minute song featuring a shearing guitar solo and a synth breakdown. 

Preceding single ‘Sunburnt’ almost sounds out of place with its sunny disposition, such is the overriding sense of otherness possessed by the majority of this release.  Although it sounds cynical, ‘Sunburnt’ is the album’s ‘triple j’ song.

On Potpourri Lake Teenage Dads successfully combine the familiar embrace of dream-pop with a hard and uncompromising instrumental execution.