Sydney singer-songwriter Lochie Earl doesn’t want to settle for “good enough”

Sydney singer-songwriter Lochie Earl doesn’t want to settle for “good enough”

You’re super active in the Sydney music scene as a member of a bunch of bands. How would you describe Lochie Earl?

I really love making and performing music! It’s my life, it’s pretty much all I do. Since I formed my first band when I was ten, I’ve been playing with a lot of groups and learning a lot of instruments. Now I have my own project, about to release my second album and I’m stoked to be able to make music that I really enjoy listening to.

Tell us about your new concept album, Neverbetter Land.

In short, Neverbetter Land is a concept album that challenges the idea of settling for “good enough”, whether that’s how far you go to enact what you believe in, follow your dreams, care about other people, explore what the world has to offer, etc. I’m not pointing fingers; I’m guilty of a lot of the things the album talks about as well. But I think it’s all good food for thought, so I wrote an album about it. Hopefully it motivates some people.

How would you describe your sound?

I guess you could describe it as experimental pop. It’s very rhythm-driven since drums are my main instrument.

What’s next for Lochie Earl?

I’ve formed a 13-piece band called The Incident Reports to play my music live. I also have a solo show where I play drums, keys, SPD and sing simultaneously. Next year, I’m gonna aim for a gig once a fortnight and I’ve already started work on my next album, For The Short Of Time, which I’m really excited about.

Lochie Earl’s new album Neverbetter Land is out Friday November 29. Give it a spin via streaming services and keep up to date with Earl via his Facebook page.