Suneden serve up their single Fire: A funk fervour ‘fresh out of the oven’

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Suneden serve up their single Fire: A funk fervour ‘fresh out of the oven’

Words by Oliver Winn

Masterfully combining funk and soul, the six-minute track Fire prove Suneden are cooking with gas.

Even if Suneden hadn’t decided to name their latest single Fire, that would still be the word I’d use to describe it in this article. Balancing the sharp syncopated rhythms of funk with a passionate vocal performance, Suneden create a lush soundscape which warms you, just like the titular fire the track centres upon.

Everything about the track’s mix feels full of detail, offering a dense sound without compromising on clarity. The song was recorded at Creepy Monkey Music in The Yarra Valley, with the goal of “capturing the band’s collective energy, making it a standout track in their repertoire.”

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In the verses, the quintessential funk guitars and buoyant drums rumble low in the mix, evoking a driving sense of momentum. I couldn’t help but feel goosebumps when the vocals emerged atop the rhythmic bed, singing of a “fire in my soul”.

When the chorus hits, the simmering rhythmic groove gives way to a soaring duo vocal performance, harmoniously blending together, before a slick descending bass line reintroduces the irresistible funk guitar riff. The next verse switches it up a little with a stylish guitar solo to keep things engaging.

Suneden’s songwriting expertise shines when the bridge hits and the bouncy bed of funk guitars is pulled from underneath. The space gives way to these mellifluous guitar strums, oozing a soulful sensibility into the track.

Suneden complement the song’s themes of resisting against an internal passion by pitting the staccato rhythms of funk up against the smooth guitars of soul. The former emblemises the turbulence of fighting against the fire, while the latter evokes the blissfulness of giving in. It’s bloody good songwriting.

Don’t foul yourself by resisting the temptation to listen – as the song goes, “If you try to fight it, you might just lose control.”


After releasing their acclaimed album Smooth Groove, Suneden have been delivering their “impeccably frenetic” funk to audiences all across Australia, playing at Party in The Paddock in 2023 alongside The Presets, Genesis Owusu, Gang of Youths and Methyl Ethyl.

With this latest release, the six-piece soul-funk outfit have their sights set on the coast, playing at the 4 Pines Torquay on June 22, before returning to the state’s capital with a show at Brodriggy Brewery the next day.

Be sure to go ahead and add or listen to Fire, out now on all platforms