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The finest improvised music collectives in Melbourne come together to bring you an evening of music is based on only these concepts: imagination, freedom, spontaneity, and sonic experimentation.

The 7 piece improvisational collective, founded by ex-Dirtbombs drummer Patrick Patano, owes as much to electric-period Miles as the garage punk its players came from. Appropriately taking their name from both a James Brown record and a Sun Ra record, STAR/TIME has evolved to its current state merging free psych sonics with no wave, prog jams, funk and fusion to create a vibe alternately hypnotic and disturbing.

The Chops is an expansive instrumental band from the hills of Melbourne, serving up fully improvised mix of rare groove, psych, krautrock, space rock, garage jazz and home-brew inspired jam odysseys. An epic telepathic sonic conversation that’s being going for a decade and never stops…

A collective of improvising musicians and composers formed in eastern Naarm (Melbourne) in 2019, their poly-stylistic approach to “spontaneous composition” gives rise to adventurous music with a distinctly human quality, and their skills in multi-instrumentalism and live electronic processing help shape a unique sound.