Cactus Room


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Cactus Room

Thornbury, VIC

Large rehearsal room
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Maybe it’s a bit out of the way unless you’re a Thornbury local, but it’s well worth the journey. If you dig live music, cold beer, art and general good times, you’ll definitely want to save this spot to your Google Maps.

Live music is brash, loud and unforgiving at Cactus Room – most of the time. The space is known as a DIY punk mecca. There’s a good chance you’ll be dodging flying elbows and other debris in the pit. Look alive.

Famous for giving the Northside music community a place to meet, hang out and work on new material. Alongside the venue space and the cozy beer garden, they also have rehearsal space where musos can sharpen their skills without worrying about making too much noise.

Infamous for its stageless stage design. Founders Dave Houston and Neil Smith wanted to channel a house party vibe, so bands play on the floor while the fans pack in close. It’s a bit looser, more rambunctious and more unhinged.

  • Cactus Room, a Thornbury warehouse turned-rehearsal studio and live music venue.
  • Intimate band room for live gigs Friday and Saturday nights with a spacious beer garden and bar out the back.
  • Three room rehearsal studio, seven days a week.

Cactus Room opened its doors in late October 2017 with the launch of its annual Halloween mini fest, ‘Cacoween’. The space was taken over with the intention to provide a unique, slightly off the grid, entirely music focused venue. The ex-warehouse turned recording studio now operates as a full-time rehearsal studio and live music venue.

Located in Thornbury, Cactus Room offers affordable rehearsal rates across three rooms, seven days a week, with top notch backline available. They also hold live gigs on Friday and Saturday nights with a fully stocked bar and spacious beer garden out the back. The venue has hosted countless memorable night while maintaining a welcoming DIY ethos in everything they do. The venue also runs its own small record label ‘Cactus Records’ which represents local artists.

Scratch that music-making itch any day of the week by bringing your bandmates down to one of their three rehearsal rooms. Offering drum kit rentals and one of the most reasonable rates in town, it’s an easy choice.

If you’re good enough, you might even score a chance to drop an EP through the venue’s own up-and-coming record label, Cactus Records. Plus, you can always grab a drink from their fully-stocked bar and catch a gig when you’re done practising.

To make ensure that you’re fully immersed in the creative spirit, the bandroom also features regular art exhibitions. At any given time, the walls will be decorated with murals, paintings, and digital art displays beamed up by the projector. If that doesn’t get those juices flowing, we don’t know what will.

Swing by 614 High St Thornbury for a night you won’t soon forget. They’re open daily from 12pm.