Soundwaves Art

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Soundwaves Art


Based in London, he has created Soundwaves art – a new and unique art form that combines music and technology by capturing the digital heartbeat of some of the world’s most iconic music.


His keen sense of giving back and coordinating art to benefit charity plays a substantial role in his uniqueness as an artist and his character.


On his artwork, Wakefield says, “I have devised a technique to enlarge and customise these images, transofrming them into large pieces of contemporary art and began presenting them to top musicians, songwriters and bands who immediately agreed to become part of the project.”


Despite being extremely challenging at times, often taking more than a dozen variations and “edits” before the final product has been perfected, the final product is then presented to the respective musician(s) for their own little imput.


Each piece of art has a handwritten lyric by the musician and signature. And with more than 60 artists to date, you can expect everyone from Sir Paul McCartney to Slash, Eric Clapton to The Killers, and so much more! Wakefield’s earliest successes included Coldplay, Pink Floys and Snow Patrol.


There’s nothing not to like about this!