Singles with Lachlan; Ara Koufax, Gold Class & More

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Singles with Lachlan; Ara Koufax, Gold Class & More


Single Of The Week

Ara Koufax : Test Dream

A grand statement comprised entirely of understatement. Melbourne duo Ara Koufax flex muscle on Test Dream, embellishing with ambient flourish throughout visions of vintage disco physicality, mirages of dissonance punctuating a bottom end worthy of a bottom dollar wager. Elation through aviation.


Empress Of : Go To Hell

Empress Of didn’t shy away from moments of darkness throughout her resounding debut LP Me. The title of her first single since the 2015 album gives the impression of something heavier. In fact, the track bounds with luminous carefree pop joy, making for the best Empress Of track yet. It’s a hate-letter in essence, instead choosing to parlay vitriol for elevation. Every line is a gem to cherish, at times wickedly sharp in its turn of phrase. Learn the chorus, sing along. It’s good for you.


Gold Class : Rose Blind

To their benefit, Gold Class take the foot off the accelerator and slip into angel gear for Rose Blind. There’s more breathing space for impact, vocalist Adam Curley’s inflections flickering like subtle beacons. A meticulous congealment doesn’t nullify any sense of danger, emboldened to the point where even the chorus cry of “Rose blind / And now I see,” doesn’t stall the engine.


Kllo : Virtue

This is a jam. Kllo keep on building on their promise as one of Melbourne’s strongest electronica exports, with Virtue exploring the depth of the two-piece’s dynamic, shades of R&B and acid house conspiring for an emotive release.