Seven perfect Christmas gifts for the musician in your life

Seven perfect Christmas gifts for the musician in your life

Words by Tammy Walters

‘Tis the season to roll out the red ribbon and reindeer wrapping paper!

Christmas is only a month away so it’s time to get your shopping lists in order.

You can play it safe with a mug for mum, a drill for dad, a book for the brother or slippers for your sister but why not take it up a notch this year and find the perfect present for the favourite people in your life?

When it comes to the musician in your life the perfect, yet predictable, gift is a vinyl, a band tee or even a biography on their favourite artist. Whilst we wouldn’t complain about that, this year Sennheiser are encouraging the loved ones of music lovers to get creative with a present that will fuel our musicians’ creative craft and extend their excellence.

Here are seven gift ideas for the musician in your life, thanks to our friends at Sennheiser.

1. MK 4

If the pandemic this year has taught us anything, it’s that having a solid work setup at home is necessary, musicians included. The MK 4 professional quality cardioid condenser microphone is the ideal tool for home recording, project, professional studio and stage set ups alike. Perfect for both vocal and instruments, this true condenser, 24-carat gold-plated diaphragm microphone delivers fine resolution, outstanding quality, and a powerful warm sound. With high sensitivity and a rugged build, the MK 4 is truly value for money, coming in at only $419.

Price: $419 AUD

Find out more here.

2. e 835 / e 835 S

Every performer deserves a righthand man that does them and their vocals justice. That reliable friend is the e 835 / e 835 S. A dynamic cardioid microphone, the e 835 is intended for live performance, home recording, rehearsal rooms and semi-pro studio recording. A crystal-clear powerful projection without interference, feedback, spill, handling noise or muffle, the e 835 is the microphone of choice not only for performers but for professional speakers and lecturers. It also looks classy with its rugged metal housing. The e 835 S extends on the e 835 sound quality, thanks to the added noiseless on/off switch.

Price: $149 AUD

Check it out here.

3. e 935

For the musician who wants to take their vocals to the next level, the e 935 vocal dynamic microphone is like a luxury sports car; packed with durability and versality for even greater performance. Boasting a balanced sound to adapt to any genre, the e 935 gives vocals more space and distinction to sit on top of the bed of backing instruments. This mic not only drives the voice but enhances it.

Price: $229 AUD

For more on the e 935, head here.

4. HD 200 PRO

You can only sound as crystal clear as your ears allow to you to be heard. The HD 200 PRO monitoring headphones will help drown out the noise of the world. Whether it’s for listening back to crisp and clear vocals (that have been recorded using either the MK 4, e 835/e 835 S or e 935), practising in silence or simply getting lost in a favourite album, the HD 200 PRO is built to block out external noise.

Price: $99 AUD (down from $149 AUD)

Check it out here.

5. HD 25

Sennheiser’s legendary HD 25 headphones are the bees knees of the music world, having sat on the heads of many of the world’s most prominent DJs. The perfect present for the vinyl scratcher and mix masters in your life, the HD 25 is not only a cult product but a quality one. Capable of handling very high sound pressure levels in the most intense club and festival environments, the HD 25 is also extremely well designed thanks to its robust construction and light-weight body.

Price: $239.95 AUD (down from $349.95 AUD)

Find out more here.

6. MKE 200

Because audio doesn’t just mean performance. The MKE 200 directional on-camera microphone allows for recorded video audio to match the visual quality. With built-in wind protection and shock absorption, the MKE 200 is designed to not only enhance audio, but adapt to noisy settings to put vocals at the forefront. The ideal present for videographers, interviewers, and vloggers alike.

Price: $199 AUD

For more on the MKE 200, head here.

7. MKE 440

Sennheiser’s MKE 440 stereo camera microphone takes your videos to the next level. Including two aligned and matched mini shotgun mics, the MKE 440 ensures it captures the audio you want while rejecting all external noise. With features like adjustable sensitivity and optimised acoustics, the MKE 440 is suited for speech, music, ambience or literally anything else you could capably think of.

Price: $599 AUD

Check it out here.

For more on Sennheiser’s range, head to their website.

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