Seeker Lover Keeper, Monday November 28 – St Michael’s Uniting Church

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Seeker Lover Keeper, Monday November 28 – St Michael’s Uniting Church


St Michael’s is a Heritage-listed architectural wonder that’s defined by its timeless Lombardic style, Romanesque arches, sloping floors, coved ceiling and the largest exhibition of existential-religious stained glass windows in the Southern Hemisphere. Tonight’s special concert was set up by Heavenly Sounds – the inspired vision of music companies, One Louder and Artist Voice, as a means of showcasing music and artists in a unique, atmospheric concert environment (the country’s most historic churches and cathedrals proved beautifully fitting).

Revered Melbourne singer-songwriter Henry Wagons often performs with his band, but as established by his highly entertaining set in these intimate surroundings tonight, he can command the audience’s full attention just as easily on his lonesome. His invigorating alt-country songs were performed with a fervent intensity, punctuated at times by foot stomping, and his renditions of Hoyt Axton’s Never Been To Spain and Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler were equally rousing (Henry summoned much laugher while calling for bets).

The gorgeous musical partnership between sweet-voiced, alt-pop singer-songwriters Sarah Blasko, Sally Seltmann and Holly Throsby in the creation of Seeker Lover Keeper would’ve immediately sprung to mind for organisers of the inaugural Heavenly Sounds Tour. Highlights included If The Night Is Dark, Light All My Lights and Even Though I’m A Woman, but the acclaimed singer-songwriters’ own tracks threatened to upstage those of Seeker Lover Keeper’s self-titled debut album (Seltmann [New Buffalo]’s Emotional Champ almost stole the show).

A cover of Stevie Nicks’ Wild Heart added another deft layer to what Seeker Lover Keeper do best: examining love/longing and the lack thereof with enigmatic poise and emotional clarity. All three songstresses espoused a relaxed and light-hearted demeanour that helped offset the stillness and heat (a couple of songs were restarted due to fingers slipping off frets and keys).

Joined by bassist David Symes and drummer Bree Van Reyk (amazingly talented), Seeker Lover Keeper payed due respect to this exclusive opportunity of performing in an enthralling venue that accentuated the purity of their harmonic sound. Being surrounded by such majestic decorum evokes a degree of stateliness, but Seeker Lover Keeper ensured that their performance left an equally poignant mark of dignity.

LOVED: The tranquillity, intimacy and unpretentious charm.

HATED: The heat.

DRANK: Unfortunately, there was no communion wine on offer.