‘Sappho’: Hold up, those breathy, alluring vocals sound so familiar…

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‘Sappho’: Hold up, those breathy, alluring vocals sound so familiar…

Words by Bryget Chrisfield

Hold up. That breathy, alluring vocal delivery – like a tantalising secret whispered just out of earshot…sounds so familiar… aha!

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That’ll be because Phoebe Baker, the mastermind behind this project, was previously lead vocalist for the now-defunct indie-pop band, Alpine.

When she was born, the story goes that Baker’s parents were torn between naming her Phoebe or Sappho, hence her choice of solo moniker. Baker first launched Sappho back in 2021 with the shimmering debut single, ‘Flex’ (which thankfully has nothing to do with the gym). “Take me to the frontline where I’ll flex with my heart,” she coos over euphoric keys and crisp percussive accents.

But the blinding jewel in Sappho’s tiara is EP opener and latest single, ‘Scared Angel’. Sappho gleefully shares the dancefloor with Kylie on this one – that sultry, ‘Confide In Me’-inspired spoken-word breakdown! Since there’s such a wealth of bad-girl bangers kicking around, Sappho offers an alternative perspective here: “I’m not a bad girl, I’m just a scared angel.”

‘Accelerate’ employs a sensual, swaying pace while Sappho woos a love interest through lyrics (even teasing a date at the zoo). Elsewhere, ‘Trouble’ shoulder-shimmies with irresistibly cheesy, so-‘90s abandon and ‘Collide’ finds Sappho indulging in some imaginary lovin’ over a seductive, pulsing beat.

Need five new tracks to freshen-up your Elegant Poolside Soirée playlist? Sappho’s got you.

Label: Ivy League Records
Release date: 29 July