Saint Jude : Saint Jude III

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Saint Jude : Saint Jude III


Saint Jude III is as an adventurous, sprawling collection of well arranged and organically produced gems. Touching on elements of soul, country, and rock, the Melbourne band’s latest release is a love letter to sounds of the ‘60s and ‘70s, infused with their own sense of melodic hooks and cohesive vision.


As Deep as the Sea opens the album with a slow burning, floating ambience that unlocks a vault of musical treasures lying ahead. Once the rollicking Until kicks the record into second gear, it’s clear Saint Jude aren’t willing to be shackled to a singular influence. Rather, they shift from one mood to the next with ease. The jangly In My Dreams furthers their pop sensibility, throwing back to the psychedelic blues-pop of The Yardbirds.


After the hook-laden openers, the album takes an introspective turn as the band unfurl a string of cathartic, soulful rock songs. Choruses come crashing in, often propelling the songs into infectious sing-alongs, such as the anthemic I Wont Let You Down. The tender Please Let Me Stand mirrors The Rolling Stones at their sweetest, with Brooke Penrose’s soulful vocals lifted higher by a gospel choir. It’s a hard hitting and touching album highlight. The shuffling Waiting for You goes on to explore similar territory, with a lamenting chorus and evocative storytelling.


Throughout the album, the production introduces myriad surprises, which highlight the album’s complexity with each successive listen. Harmonica, lilting fiddle, pedal steel and haunting synth lines all appear at one point or another to complement their respective tracks whole-heartedly. When the psychedelic St Clare arrives as a spiraling trip, the band take the opportunity to reach even higher. A track of epic proportions, it opens with entrancing sitar before working through gritty violin drones, ethereal vocals, explosive guitar solos and a dramatic final climax. When the track finally comes back to Earth, Saint Jude have spent close to ten minutes generating an engrossing sonic journey. Innovative, diverse, and downright loveable, Saint Jude III is extremely ambitious. Luckily for us, the band are talented enough to pull it off.