Record Store Day 2022: Time to invest in a good turntable

Record Store Day 2022: Time to invest in a good turntable

Today we're spotlighting a couple of full featured yet highly cost-effective turntables from AVE that can turn every day into record store day.

Whether you shop for records virtually or in store, there’s always a fair bit of crate-digging going on. We carefully select the vinyl we add to our collection, especially in the Spotify-era when we’re becoming less accustomed to playing albums ad-nauseum.

But for all the effort you put into choosing your vinyl records, how much thought have you put into your record player itself? Like spinning custom rims on an ’89 Corolla, no matter how exceptional the record, if your turntable isn’t up to scratch, you’re wasting your time.

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Yet excellence doesn’t have to equate to cost in this regard. Today we’re looking at two turntables; an RP162 Vinyl Record Player HQ, and an RP165 Vinyl Record Player Set. Both of these units offer a fantastic array of features at a very competitive price, which makes them perfect for a conversation around vinyl.

First, feeling

Fenton RP162 Vinyl Record Player

If you’re reading this, you already know vinyl is in vogue, but before you choose a turntable it’s worth taking a moment to consider why. Vinyl is first and foremost about exceptional fidelity, but it’s hard to argue against the superior tactility of the analogue experience; the look, feel and feeling of high-quality traditional equipment.

Both the RP162 and RP165 boast a hand-made, highly durable walnut construction with a belt-driven turntable mechanism, stylus, shock-absorbent feet, an adjustable counterweight and a rather smick finish. If you’re looking for the whole package in one tidy capsule, the RP165 features built-in full-range stereo speakers with a 50W output.

Finally, flexibility

Fenton RP165 Vinyl Record Player Set

One of the fantastic aspects of these two turntables is the belt mechanisms offer playback speeds of 33, 45 and 78 RPM, which allows you more versatility than many of the older turntables on the market. Among the many features of the smaller RP162, USB connection and included software allows you to effortlessly convert your records from vinyl to digital.

Last but certainly not least, both turntables come with bluetooth, so you can also connect to external speakers wired or wirelessly. On top of that, both units double as bluetooth speakers in their own right, allowing you allowing you to seamlessly stream tracks from your smartphone or bluetooth enabled device directly to your record player.

Check out Fenton’s RP162 turntable here, and the RP165 turntable here to compare them for yourself.

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