Rare Phenomenon

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Rare Phenomenon

By blending the D.I.Y approach of Punk and Indie, the technicality of Math Rock, Jazz and Classical and the power and intensity of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, Ferntree Gully based Rare Phenomenon is a unique blending of these styles. The musicianship between guitarist and vocalist Rhett Agar, bassist Alex Butten and drummer Josh Davies forges the power of the band’s music!

On June 27th, Rare Phenomenon will be bringing their heavy rock sound to the Bergy for a spectacular night of heavy rock and they won’t be doing it alone either! Joining Phenomenon are two crushing bands: hard rocking punks Anglerr who’s fast, D.I.Y no-nonsense rock guarantees you absolute power and intensity, followed by heavy alt-rock and metal machines Valenta with their bone crushing riffs, thunderous rhythm section and all-round virtuosity gives you a true force to be reckoned with.

These bands will be joining Rare Phenomenon in providing sheer power and volume to the Bergy on June 27th, you do NOT want to miss this show! Be sure to stay up to date with all three bands as well as the Bergy via Instagram and Facebook as well as stream Rare Phenomenon’s music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music!