Bergy Bandroom


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Bergy Bandroom

Bergy Bandroom

LIVE MUSIC fills the mid-sized, 200-capacity bandroom niche that’s becoming increasingly important for the local performance and arts circuit. A space that’s small enough to sell out, and big enough to feel like a proper gig for local and touring bands alike.

FAMOUS FOR eclectic gigs, open mic nights, lazy afternoons of beer and DJ sessions and passionate audio-tech pros bringing it all together in a custom-built performance space.

INFAMOUS FOR being the big, gig-focused younger sibling to the beloved little local front bar that is the Bergy Seltzer proper.

It’s a big deal for Bergy, a famously snug little venue tucked away at the park edge of Sydney Road. Bergy made its name by being the friendly hole-in-the-wall and unpretentious local favourite. That dive-style haunt will remain, with more of a focus on cocktails and boutique drinks in the front bar, but the new space next door lets them beef up their renowned regular gig schedule.

For this bandroom, they’ve gutted the old warehouse space next door and built their dream venue basically from scratch. This means audio tech industry pro and Bergy owner David ‘Frankie’ Cudmore and his team have been able to assess and curate a perfect acoustic setup. Sound-treated walls and airlock doors ensure not only an excellent audio experience in the bandroom, but that the new beer garden out back is completely insulated.

And that beer garden is spacious, bright and light-filled, with retractable roofing to accommodate the changeable Melbourne weather. Hanging greenery meets post-industrial grunge for a cool, year-round chill zone with a fully stocked bar. There’s another bar in the bandroom – lovingly decked out in reclaimed wood – which will have a simpler, gig-friendly offering tailored to the crowd.

The spirit of the bar you love remains. Really, it’s just like the Bergy, only bigger.

Visit the Bergy Bandroom at 68 Sydney Road in Brunswick.

Brunswick’s brand new Bergy Bandroom is here at last and it’s been worth the wait