Georgia Ray Band + Cammi Kol Band

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Georgia Ray Band + Cammi Kol Band

Local singer-songwriter Georgia Ray is bringing her band together on Saturday June 15 for an intimate gig at the awesome venue/record store/bar that is Ringo Barr! Opening the show will be fellow singer-songwriter Cammi Kol and her band!
Free entry!

Georgia Ray is an independent singer-songwriter based in Melbourne. Blurring the lines between Americana, country, folk and pop rock genres, Georgia’s music captures a sound that some have described as 90’s-reminiscent and nostalgia-laden. Georgia has been named ‘One to Watch’ with the Nashville Songwriters’ Association International. Georgia will be joined by Miles on guitar, Peter on bass, and Kyle on drums.

A genuinely graceful and undeniable identity; Cammi Kol has invigorated her musical background in a unique way. Raised in the bustling city of Melbourne, Cammi’s journey started at the age of 5 years old. A staggering 18 years of vocal training and guidance behind her, she knew that music was a force held in the palm of her hands – unbeknownst it would turn into her greatest achievement. Developing an immersive, musical intelligence, she takes such inspiration from the likes of alternative rock and grunge to progressive metal and beyond. No sound goes unnoticed. No song unembraced. A collaboration of unadulterated, honesty with wholesome musical ideas.