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Punktured Melbourne


What is it? Those crafty cupids down at Punktured are offering a Valentine’s deal that’s so good it’s worth getting hitched with your latest Tinder match to take advantage of it. In the name of love, they’ll be offering a two-for-one day while dishing out a free second piercing with every piercing and aftercare product. Sparkle sparkle.

Who is it for? You could of course bring your latest flame for some matching ear bling. However, you can also bring along your best mate too and take advantage of the deal together. More of a lone wolf? No worries at all. They’ll even let you get both piercings yourself, because you are a strong independent woman who don’t need no man to take advantage of Valentine’s discounts.

Why should I go to Punktured? Specialising in both tattoos and piercings, they’re offering professional and hygienic services in the heart of the city. They’ve performed over 750,000 piercings over 17 years. In other words, they know their shit. You’ll be walking out of there with your ears intact and a smile on your face.