Preview: Strictly D.T takes us track by track through his latest album Decial Like Special

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Preview: Strictly D.T takes us track by track through his latest album Decial Like Special

Strictly D.T

"Each track on the album is made up of verses, beats, songwriting, and vocals from artists around Australia who have been kind enough to share their sounds with me."

With his latest album Decial Like Special dropping tomorrow on February 17, Strictly D.T takes us through the meaning of each song in a Beat-exclusive track by track. “The album is a collection of works that are linked together by outtakes from voice recordings of conversations I’ve had in private with people close to me (e.g., my wife,  close friends and therapist),” he explains.

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“With their permission, I will be sharing these conversations –  stories that have triggered the inspiration for my songs,” Strictly D.T. continues. “I wanted to share real conversations that I believe other people are also having every day within themselves or with others, sharing these open conversations to destigmatise open and vulnerable communication.”

“I’ve always believed in the significance of collaboration, the opportunity to learn from one another and drive the music industry as a collective. This album reflects this. All of the songs on the track list have been a collaboration with other artists, locally, and nationally.”

Each track on the album is made up of verses, beats, songwriting, and vocals from artists around Australia who have been kind enough to share their sounds with me.”

1. Opening Session  

Opening session with my therapist 

2. MY LIFE prod. spellspellspell  

My Life is a self-determined, community-focused call to arms to maintain autonomy and resilience amidst ongoing oppression and adversity. No matter the obstacles placed in my way, I will not give up on myself and the people who believe in me.  

3. tell them a story 

A conversation with my wife about getting deep into my roots.  

4. WAKANDA BLOOD prod. Swerv, Eleftherios 

Faced with cultural differences moving from Seattle to Perth and now Melbourne, I had  to accept that I am different from most Australians. I think differently, my beliefs on the world are different and I’m embracing that with WAKANDA BLOOD. 

5. A. GOODES feat. Mali Jo$e prod. Ralph-rad

This was a reaction to the documentary “The Australian Dream” describing what could be
going through Adam Goodes head during these times. Not actually knowing, the documentary painted a really good picture of the feelings he endured during this time as an AFL baller.

6. truth be told  

A small rant about trying to live with someone’s truths that don’t align with mine. 

7. BLOOD TYPE REAL feat. Johniepee, Jimmy Harwood prod. Epik the Dawn
I had to tackle some of the obscure thoughts that went through my head when I’m not in the right headspace. My personal life and mental health has been deeply affected during the pandemic. Seeking therapy to keep balanced while adjusting to the new changes of fatherhood, moving to a new state, and allowing my family to adjust just as fast. It has helped me significantly to be more honest with my feelings instead of masking them because “you have to stay strong for the family”.  

8. know where to go  

This was a conversation with my wife about self-reflection. When I asked “What if the person doesn’t feel they did anything wrong?” she replied “Well, there’s nowhere to go”  That gave me the idea of the title of the skit. “Know where to go”  

9. FLOWER feat. Liona Tatafu, Alex Ford prod. Deepchild, Dizz1, Jesse Chin-Quan
Flower is based on compatibility. Are we capable to grow together? Do we value the same morals and if we don’t, can we see each other’s point of view? We don’t realise how hard it is to grow a flower with the wrong soil, environment or surroundings, this is based upon people too.  

The journey will be painful, you will shed blood and sometimes tears. Although this garden is full of thorns, I walk through it graciously to find my perfect flower. 

10.  DRIFT AWAY feat. Cle Morgan prod. spellspellspell

I wanted to express my blind love experiences in a way that you could see it in a movie.  Bonnie and Clyde style, but Clyde didn’t know they were robbing a bank and only went through with it for his love for Bonnie. Then when things went south, my Bonnie pinned the heist on me and I’m stuck in prison. But Bonnie was so convinced that they were meant to be together, that she hints to him that she will see him in the next lifetime at the end of the song.

11. September 11, 2021 

This conversation happened on September 11, 2021, which was a coincidence that  BREAK FREE is about 9/11 and the traumatised state my home encountered with the media and the influence/power News broadcasters hold in our world. 

12. BREAK FREE prod. Huey Brazadich  

Break Free is a song that dives into biased media platforms and how their manipulation has divided our world against each other. From “fake news” to “do your research” it has become harder than ever to find non-bias truths about what’s happening in our world.  What’s crazy about this track is I did this back in 2018. Written and recorded. 

13. JUST A DREAM prod. Jase Beathedz  

Just a dream, a story about young friends having big dreams with no guidance. Trying to make sure we all get out of the survival mode we were born into and keeping our faith stronger than our struggle, together. 

14. GOATS prod. B I L L Y G 

A continuation of Just a Dream. Having a solid crew you grew up with hyping each other up. From the roots to the stars, the glow-up is promised when your team is there for you.  

15. law of nature  

A deep conversation with my wife’s mother about the “Law of Nature”  

16. RE:CALCULATED prod. ralph-rad 

RE:Calculated is a re-released track (Calculated) with extra bars on it refreshing the ears of those who know D.T for his bars of encouragement. Tackling intergenerational trauma,  truth seeking and becoming the ancestor you were set out to be. 

17. WHERE U FROM feat. Nomad prod. Jase Beathedz  

Growing up being proud of my upbringing regardless of the lower socioeconomic background, I came to a point where I can be proud of where I came from without baring the survival instincts that came with growing up there, knowing there is a better life for our  Pacific Islander families around the world to grow and become great no matter the situations they were born into. I am aware that our lower socioeconomic backgrounds  have a higher risk of failing, but we will preserver. 

18. repair  

A conversation with my father about what it was like to have to step into his shoes and become a father when he left us.  

19. TIME:LESS feat. Halo Vocal Ensemble (Liona Tatafu, LHĒON, Soli, Emma Volard, JACINTA)  prod. soSpecial  

TIME:LESS speaks on the past I endured and reflects to heal from those situations.  Forgiveness and closure is needed when thinking that our time is limited on this earth. So  I acknowledge the hurt, heal from the pain and continue growing together.

20. SCARS feat. Cle Morgan prod. BOGER  

Scars is confronting difficult conversations with family members and encouraging breaking the cycle of trauma responses. Speaking on abuse, rape, and family disagreements, the scars will only heal when the truth is revealed. 

21. ALRIGHT prod. soSpecial 

Alright breaks down the last 3 years in a Covid world. Seeing the differences between communities segregate our planet. But D.T brings a spin on it trying to reconnect everyone who has opposing opinions about what is “right and “wrong”. 22. closing session with Brandon Srot 

Strictly D.T’s Decial Like Special is out tomorrow, February 17. Check it out by heading here.