Premiere: Sannia unveils the lush slow jam ‘Go And Get Over’

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Premiere: Sannia unveils the lush slow jam ‘Go And Get Over’


Sannia has unveiled the gorgeous, emotive R&B jam ‘Go And Get Over’ — featuring an immensely powerful vocal performance tackling the process of pushing through a broken relationship. 

“This song developed really organically for me,” says Sannia. “I was actually driving home late one night and just sort of started singing the first words that came to mind to keep myself awake. ‘Go And Get Over’ is about literally just that, the cyclical process of moving on from someone while at the same time reminiscing on everything that was and what it’s become now, which I think a lot of people can relate to. 

“You almost go through these sort of seven stages of grief – leaving them, missing them, going back, getting hurt, and trying to exact change – it takes its toll.

To celebrate the single’s release, Sannia will be performing an intimate Melbourne show — debuting the track live alongside a plethora of yet-to-be-released music. 

It’s a watershed moment for an artist who pairs her emotionally-driven delivery with a charming stage presence. 

“I’m the most honest version of myself when I’m on stage, which sounds incredibly clichéd, but it’s true,” she says.  “I’m full of lame jokes and other laughable coping mechanisms most of the time, but when I’m onstage I have no choice but to unconditionally embody the music I’ve created, and since it comes from a deeply personal place, it’s essentially baring my heart and soul to the room. 

“I’m also incredibly privileged to work with some pretty amazing musicians that are not only insanely talented but genuinely caring people that I feel comfortable being myself around and drawing these sounds out from within.”

Check out ‘Go And Get Over’ by Sannia in full below.