Pre-Loved Melbourne : Aquarium Vintage

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Pre-Loved Melbourne : Aquarium Vintage


Aquarium Vintage gracing High Street Northcote cultivates its own style of one-off particularly fun fashion promised to bring a pep to your step. In fact, just to further solidify how fun they are, they offer costumes too, like celebratory suits and almost mosaic-like sparkle garments.

The store welcomes a vast variety of eras and big personalities, and when hung next to each other perfectly marry together with a most fitting expression. Along with denim jumpsuits (which are surprisingly hard to find these days), aged leather goods and kitschy ornaments (think lobster phones), Aquarium Vintage are fellow vinyl collector friends offering 7”s which mirror their style in music. Think dub, reggae, funk and soul. However, if you’re reading this and thinking, ‘This is totally me, but I have too much of this already’, don’t worry they can help that too.

Simply bring down your clothes and let Aquarium release them back into the retail world. You’ll receive 40 percent back and have the funds to do it all over again. Alternatively, is online shopping more you? Something you secretly do to feel better about overstaying your welcome at the club last night? Plus, High Street is way too real right now.  That’s also fine, just jump on their website and paypal yourself back to your happy place.