Pond reveal a glimpse of their forthcoming record with new single, ‘Human Touch’

Pond reveal a glimpse of their forthcoming record with new single, ‘Human Touch’

Photo by Matsu
Words by Kate Streader

Pond’s forthcoming album, 9, is out on Friday October 1.

Pond have revealed a new single ahead of the release of their ninth studio album, aptly titled 9, which is due for release on Friday October 1.

The single, ‘Human Touch’, follows recent releases ‘Toast’, ‘America’s Cup’ and ‘Pink Lunettes’.

What you need to know

  • Pond have released a new single, ‘Human Touch’
  • The band have also revealed the track’s film clip
  • ‘Human Touch’ is lifted from Pond’s forthcoming album, 9

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A creative shake-up for the Fremantle psych-rock five-piece, sees Pond abandoning their meandering melodies for high-tempo, pop-tinged tracks that cease to crack the five-minute mark.

“We sort of gave ourselves permission to make something stuffed this time. We’d settled into a pretty tight routine with the last few albums and wanted to shake a boat with this so we started off with filling a few tape reels with some absolutely heinous improvised sonic babble which, after much sifting, became the first few songs of the album,” says frontman Nick Allbrook of the record.

“A lot of the lyrics seem to focus on single people’s lives, or the lives of small moments or small things when you zoom real close up and they reveal something deeper.”

Their latest single, ‘Human Touch’, exemplifies as much with its thrashy, psych-rock melody built from a ” a grimey Casio loop Jay [Watson] made”, inspired by an odd encounter experienced by Allbrook.

“One time a woman was smashing up a car outside my house, begging me to help her steal it. It was a lovely day. She was wired but sweet in a way. Her dog, Josie, was sitting in the passenger seat being very cute and fluffy,” he says.

“We talked for a good few hours in the sunny cul-de-sac and neither of us ended up committing grand theft auto.”

Watch the film clip for ‘Human Touch’ below.

is out on Friday October 1 via Spinning Top Records.