Pierce Brothers returned to their busking roots with Melbourne’s longest encore

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Pierce Brothers returned to their busking roots with Melbourne’s longest encore


The night began with a sold-out show at Belgrave’s Sooki Lounge and from there, the twins, armed with their myki card, took to the streets and headed out into the moonlight with a bunch of their closest friends and fans.

Together the brothers took punters and late-night commuters alike on a wild musical ride across the city, jumping on and off trains and trams at will, with impromptu performances along the way. “Coming from a busking background in and around Melbourne which had really built our career early on, we thought it was a really cool idea,” Jack says.

The hugely popular event was designed to showcase how easy, fun and safe a night out in the city can be using Melbourne’s all-night public transport network on weekends. “Starting out, all of our shows were based around playing on trains and in the streets, jumping around, and moving to different parts of the city, it was like a return to the magic we felt growing up,” Pat says.

Playing into the wee hours of the morning, they chose to cap things off with a show-stopping performance at Federation Square just before dawn. “It was so much fun, but it was brutally hard to do,” laughs Jack. “You can hear it in my voice when you watch the highlight video.”

“We also wanted to be a part of the event because that night was our last headline show in Melbourne pretty much until the end of the year,” Jack adds. “We thought it was the perfect way to finish off our regional tour for our two recent EPs.”

Having pulled off this incredible feat of endurance while making hundreds of new fans along the way, Pat and Jack plan to spend most of the next couple of months (before heading out on their world tour) working on new material for their long-awaited debut album. “We’ve spent time in the studio, we’ve got about 30 songs at the moment that we need to whittle down,” Pat says.

“But there won’t be 30 songs on the album,” Jack interjects.

“No, so far we’ve written 30 songs but we wanna go to about 50,” Pat adds jokingly, “it’ll be a strong album. Our world tour is coming up so before then we will have a few months to work out our strategy. We’ve been in the studio for the past three or four months. We hired a space and we’ve been making demos and demos, and demos.”

“The real reason behind that is that we’re terrible at demo-ing,” Jack smiles. “And I think principle recording starts in two weeks,” his brother explains.

“Two weeks that is coming quick — shit!” Jack jokes. “That is scary, I didn’t think it was that soon. we’re going to have to get in the studio in the next few days and just go flat chat I think.”

“In the meantime, we may do a few surprising things around the place, like maybe get out and do a busk or put out a few teasers online,” Pat says. “We have a lot to work out.”

“But we would love to do another Longest Ever Encore again soon,” Jack adds.  

Check out Pierce Brothers’ Up-Late Playlist below: