Paul Dabek – Look at Me

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Paul Dabek – Look at Me


Tell us about your show. It’s an award-winning, heart-stopping, jaw-dropping, madcap experience where mischief, magic and mayhem all collide. The show mixes high-energy comedy with mime, music and naughty shadow puppets. It’s the perfect feel-good night out.

Is there a signature approach to how you perform? I take the motif of the all-round entertainer or vaudevillian and turn it on its head. People have many preconceived ideas of what a magician is. I like to take that cliché and bring it up to date.

What’s special about the lighting and set design? I am one of a handful of “shadowgraphers” (performer of hand shadows) in the world. In the finale to my show I take light, a screen and my hands and conjure up all manner of creatures and characters. It’s an old art form that is rarely seen these days and often elicits some pretty amazing reactions.

What’s a fun fact about the show? It was awarded Best Magic Show show at this year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Does your show have any audience participation Yes. My audience are as much the stars of my show as me and no two shows are ever the same.