Best of the Boardwalk

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Best of the Boardwalk


Nestled amidst the comedic heart of our city lives the iconic Lithuanian club in North Melbourne, which this year presents a number of must-see shows —After Dark Theatre’s Best of the Boardwalk is most certainly one. For one night only, this 50-minute performance brings to us a non-stop circus and variety show put on by Melbourne Fringe’s elite. Artists from the Boardwalk Republic (the once underground hub in the south of Melbourne) come together for a show which promises to leave you in awe of their talent and collaborative spirit.


The performers of Best of the Boardwalk have been hand selected by After Dark Theatre after being witness to their rare and exotic talents. Such talents draw inspiration from variety clubs and vaudeville theatres of a time long forgotten, paying special homage to the art of variety entertainment.


All artist in the show have performed in the Boardwalk Republic and have won a number of awards at fringe festivals across the globe. Best Performer awards, Best Show awards and Best Emerging Artist awards are just the tip of the iceberg.


Don’t miss this one time only opportunity to see a variety of acts, from a variety of talents, all in one spot.