I Hate Children, Children’s Show

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I Hate Children, Children’s Show


Winner of Best Children’s and Magic Show at Adelaide Fringe as well as Top Rated Kid’s Show at Edinburgh Fringe,  I Hate Children, Children’s Show finally comes to Melbourne for a season of fun with the kids. The performance invites little ones on stage to be shocked, amazed and amused by the world’s meanest award-winning magician and world-class child hater Paul Dabek. In his first-ever appearance in Melbourne, he is ready to set the stage for a magic show truly fun for the whole family.


I Hate Children is a 45-minute-long magic comedy with high energy comedic banter from the motor-mouthed and quick-witted con artist, Paul Dabek.


Dabek is best known for his performances mostly with grown-up shows like the daredevil circus cabaret Clique and with famous magic royalty Penn and Teller in the one and only Las Vegas. He is often seen at countless festivals around the world performing his trademark tricks, although this time, he is set to terrorise children for a change.

“Children are the natural-born enemy of the magician and nowhere is this more evident than in this show,” says Dabek. “Every child six years and older is invited on stage to help with the magic and we promise families an experience they will never forget.”