Party Profile: Kerser’s S.C.O.T Tour

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Party Profile: Kerser’s S.C.O.T Tour


When is it? Saturday February 15.

Where is it?The Hi-Fi Bar.

Who’s playing? Kerser with DJ Lopz, Jay (UF) supported by Fortay, Tycotic and Willis.

What sort of shit will they be playing?  Hip hop/rap.

What’s the crowd going to be like?  Ravenous wolves.

What will we remember in the AM?  ABK 225 Kerser is the sickest.

What’s the wallet damage? $25.50.

Give us one final reason why we should party here
. A Kerser show is unlike any other live event on earth. Be prepared for honest and raw street storytelling, and the undeniable charisma of Australia’s underground hip hop champion Kerser.