Party Profile: Love Dub

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Party Profile: Love Dub


When is it? Valentine’s Day, Friday February 14.

Where is it?Rubix Funhouse, Brunswick.

Who’s playing? Adrian’s Wall & Fi, System Unknown, Rolex Biffta (Rogue Magnetic), Titus 12 & SK and Snareophobe.

What sort of shit will they be playing? Dub, reggae, roots, funk, soul.

What’s the crowd going to be like? Music lovers, party lovers, life lovers, straight up love dubbers.

What will we remember in the AM? Playing the music match maker game and the person sitting opposite you that you’d never met before played your favourite tune and you instantly fell in love.

What’s the wallet damage? Free entry.

Give us one final reason why we should party here
. Everyone loves the Funhouse, it’s an adventure to find so there’s no dickheads, friendly staff and always good tunes.