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“We recorded it only a couple of months after releasing the first EP in May,” he explains, “just with the intention of getting things rolling for us as regularly as possible. The way we see it is that across the two EPs, we have put out ten tracks effectively in 2013. The modern approach of writing and releasing albums is a two, three, four-year cycle, which we don’t adhere to that much. We are of the belief that there’s no reason why a modern band can’t release an album every year. The two EPs, we kind of see them as a pair.”

And while the band are very keen to record and release very regularly, they still believe that in a live setting is where their band, and rock music in general, comes alive the most. To that end, Palace of the King are launching the physical version of the new EP on February 1 at Cherry Bar, before playing a number of tour dates across Victoria and interstate to promote the release.

“That’s what the band is built on,” he states. “We toured our arses off last year, we’ve had a little break in the last six weeks or so, which we’ve used to start writing a full length album, which is something we’ll look towards beyond this EP. But really looking forward to doing what we do best, which is playing live, and touring until the tyres fall off!” he laughs.

Fans coming out to check the band out on their tour dates can expect a spontaneous and interactive show, with one show being very much unlike the next, as opposed to an ultra-slick, heavily rehearsed performance.

“Yeah absolutely,” he agrees emphatically. “The EP captures a few of those type of moments, the way we record captures a live energy as much as possible. But nothing compares to a live gig, with a band seating it out in front of you. A lot of the songs have extended intros and middle sections, and it’s all centred around that spontaneous vibe of not doing the same thing twice.

“You get a lot of energy off the audience, so if there’s a certain riff that we’re sitting on, if it’s feeling good and you can tell people are into it, we might sit on a bit longer and extend the section. So yeah, absolutely, we certainly avoid doing the same thing over and over and having a really structured and refined set.”

Overall, it is simply the band’s intention to remain as busy as possible over the next 12 months or so, both in a writing/recording/releasing and a touring sense.

“At this stage we’re probably midway through the writing process for the album,” he explains. “We’ll be putting out a limited run of full length vinyl LPs, which will be comprised of the best tracks from the first two EPs. That’s something that will probably be out late March/early April. By that stage we’ll be looking at being in the studio to get the album knocked out. We don’t intend to be in the studio for too long, because we want to get back to what we do best, which is playing live.”