Owen Pallett Returns This January

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Owen Pallett Returns This January


Penning in a date (or two!) to Melbourne this Summer.

Ooooooh goodie. Owen Pallett, the Canadian maestro plucking the heartstrings through his involvement in Final Fantasy, Arcade Fire and Beirut) is returning to Australia in January 2011.

Pallett, who first one Victorian hearts with his debut tour in 2008 including a stop over in the flooded and oh-so-muddy Meredith Music Festival will be showcasing tracks from his highly acclaimed orchestral pop masterpiece Heartland.

Owen Pallett will be treating fans to a series of intimate performances in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane with Sydney shows to be announced shortly. Sydney Festival? Oh, I don’t knowwwwwww.

Utilising instruments, loops and skillfully layering his lush soundscapes, Owen Pallet virtually transforms into a one man Orchestra to turn his densely polyphonic pop treasures into an intensely compelling live show. Catch him at The Thornbury Theatre on Saturday 15 January and The Toff In Town on Sunday 16. Tickets on sale Thursday 7 October!