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Having just announced the release of their long awaited official debut EP, Panic, NTH RD are gearing up for their biggest headline show yet. Already armed with their anthemic lead single, Wearing Thin, and newest (and heaviest) single, Worm, NTH RD have all but secured themselves as staples of the local scene, solidifying their place as an exciting band to watch in coming months.

A kaleidoscopic montage of brutal riffs, soaring choruses and intricately woven atmospheres, NTH RD’s debut EP Panic is a blissfully harrowing meditation on being a prisoner in one’s own mind. Taking inspiration from the different stages of a panic response, each song demonstrates a different stage of this process, with tracks like Worm representing the initial chaotic fight-or-flight response, contrasted by songs such as Wearing Thin and Threat, which depict the long term repercussions of learning to cope with anxiety and panic. By seamlessly blending atmospheric passages with huge choruses, infectious riffs and crushing breakdowns, NTH RD’s Panic is the first taster of an already well-honed band that’s only just getting started.

NTH RD will be accompanied by good friends and special guests Inferiority Complex, Priorities and This Space Is Ours.