Bad Decisions Bar


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Bad Decisions Bar

Fitzroy, VIC

Bad Decisions is the antithesis of those chic, swanky wine bars you can find on every Carlton corner.

LIVE MUSIC: takes place in the Bad Decisions bandroom, a narrow, brick-walled space with a private bar that serves up-and-comers of all genres. Open for shows seven days a week, you can almost always find something on. 

FAMOUS FOR: its booming sound system, cordless mic and moody, red-lit interior, adding theatrics and grandiose to the show no matter the size.

INFAMOUS FOR: being the type of place where you never know what will happen. Lose your phone, wallet and keys in the mosh pit? End up at an afters with a mysterious stranger? I mean, it’s in the name.

Bad Decisions is a place that favours chaos over class and isn’t afraid to get a little rowdy, from pouring up tequila shots with reckless abandon to letting the crowd go nuts in the bandroom upstairs. 

That being said, there’s not an ounce of toughness or posturing at this place either – the staff are super lovely and happy to whip up whatever drink your heart desires. Pair that with a cheese toastie and some chips to cut the liquor and you’re laughing. 

If you’re a band looking to book a show, Bad Decisions is, in fact, a very good decision (sorry). The 100-capacity room welcomes artists of all kinds from alternative hip-hop to death metal, as well as gallery shows, private functions and more.

Plus, with soundproofing panels and a powerful in-house system, the stage sounds damn good whether you’re on it or in the crowd. The set-up of the room encourages punters to come to the front, meaning no matter how many tickets you sell, it still feels pretty full. 

Whether you’re sipping on cocktails at the downstairs bar, hitting the vape in the courtyard or scampering up the stairs for a gig, you’ll quickly realise why Bad Decisions has such a dedicated fanbase.

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