NONSTOP WKND: Music for Funerals

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NONSTOP WKND: Music for Funerals

The Toff In Town

This event is part of Now Or Never 2023.

70 industry leading artists. 12 unique shows. Six iconic Melbourne venues—NONSTOP WKND is the choose-your-own-adventure festival within a festival closing Now or Never with a bang.

In a house of alternative vigils at The Toff, local artists will come together for a theatrical evening at Music for Funerals as part of NONSTOP WKND—creating the original soundtracks and settings for their own funerals.

From the ambient and esoteric to the experimental and Avant-garde, artists and musicians will collaborate to construct the atmosphere for their final swansong, treading between the fluid, expressive, emotional and absurd.

Come dressed in your best casket gown and join the strange procession of music, theatre, dance and video art hosted by a non-denominational demonic priest.