NONSTOP WKND: Xhabarabot Voice Machines

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NONSTOP WKND: Xhabarabot Voice Machines

This event is part of Now Or Never 2023.

70 industry leading artists. 12 unique shows. Six iconic Melbourne venues – NONSTOP WKND is the choose-your-own-adventure festival within a festival closing Now or Never with a bang.

Xhabarabot Voice Machines, as part of NONSTOP WKND, is an innovative project by artist and musician Rully Shabara (Senyawa).

Detached from the constraints of the body, the human voice has limitless potential. By transforming the voice into data, Xhabarabot Voice Machines will show how the voice becomes free from the need to breathe, think, and even be affected by mood or physical changes.

Merging sound identities with cutting-edge technology, this fascinating lecture, discussion and demonstration of Shabara’s research challenges the conventional understanding of voice exploration, setting the stage for inspiring new avenues for creative expression.

Active since 2000, Liquid Architecture is a Melbourne/Narrm based organisation supporting experimental, interdisciplinary and critical work addressing sound and listening in context.