Nine exceptional events to experience at Melbourne International Games Week

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Nine exceptional events to experience at Melbourne International Games Week

Melbourne International Games Week
Image: On the Morning You Wake (to the End of the World) / Archer’s Mark / Atlas V / Games for Change
Words by Coco Veldkamp

Following a record-breaking turnout and an expanded program in 2022, Melbourne International Games Week (MIGW) is set to make a triumphant return, captivating audiences once more from September 30 to October 8.

MIGW stands as the pre-eminent gaming extravaganza in the Asia Pacific region, playing host to a diverse array of conferences, events, and activities that cater to the gaming industry, educators, and players. This year, MIGW promises a jam-packed program. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the week.

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MIGW events for gamers

MIGW offers a diverse range of welcoming and inclusive events suitable for all ages. Explore these exciting opportunities to play games and engage in the festivities.

MIGW Steam Festival 2023 (September 21- September 28)

MIGW is back with its third annual digital festival on Steam. The Steam page will offer playable demos, discounted games, live streaming, talks, and more. Over 80 Victorian developers will be showcased, making this a must-attend event for gamers. Last year’s festival attracted over one million visitors, with 40 games and 32 demos, and reached two million viewers.

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64 Ways of Being (September 30 – October 8)

Embark on an urban exploration like no other with a self-guided adventure through Melbourne. Starting at Collingwood Yards with a heartfelt Welcome to Country by Uncle Colin Hunter Jr., this trail will lead you through the vibrant streets and alleys of Fitzroy, offering surprises at every turn. While on this journey, you’ll encounter neon signs and have the opportunity to unlock hidden gems. As you explore the backstreets, you’ll also discover words from eight different languages, all accompanied by a captivating soundtrack featuring artists like CORIN.

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Play Capitol Arcade (October 3)

There’s an incredible new games arcade hidden in the depths of The Capitol

Discover hidden arcades nestled in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. This immersive experience will lead you on a trail to explore five playable arcade machines placed in various shops and cafes. These unique arcade machines, transformed into interactive works of art, have been created by Melbourne’s talented artists, designers, and musicians. Inside each machine, you’ll encounter captivating games that will challenge you to race against trams, learn indigenous languages, create music from emojis, engage in epic battles with Jukebot, or explore the intriguing Yomeci Hole.

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MIGW events for the gaming industry

Experience an array of innovative and inspirational live events in Melbourne featuring a variety of activities and conferences that foster industry connections and creativity.

AfterClimate (September 30)

Don’t miss the opportunity to join Dr Benjamin Abraham, the founder of AfterClimate, for their 2023 game industry net zero snapshot launch. It’s an enlightening presentation about the key discoveries from the annual report on advancements in the gaming industry’s climate initiatives. The AfterClimate net-zero snapshot is a deep dive into the strides being made by the world’s largest gaming companies towards achieving net-zero emissions.

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High Score (September 30 – October 1)

High Score brings together music innovators and game designers to delve into the pivotal role that audio and sound assume in shaping game design and the overall gaming experience. This hybrid conference, available both in-person and via livestream, will feature a dynamic line-up of keynotes, panels, feedback sessions, and more. Prepare to gain insights from influential figures in the realms of music, audio creation, and game development.

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Game Dunk Presents: A Sticky Situation! (September 30)

Embark on a journey into the world of tabletop roleplay design with this immersive workshop. Guided by indie game designers Lee, Paddy, and Helen, all attendees will partake in the creation of a game zine from the ground up. Each attendee will leave the session with a one-of-a-kind game zine they’ve crafted themselves.

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MIGW events for education

Incorporating games into our daily lives has become commonplace, especially within educational settings. Explore a plethora of events tailored for educators at all levels and delve into the future of gaming’s role in education.

Literacy Now (October 4)

As video games continue to find their way into school classrooms, this workshop aims to empower educators with the skills and confidence needed to effectively integrate video games into their teaching practices, catering to a variety of academic objectives across the curriculum. Leading this initiative is Dr Alex Bacalja, a lecturer specialising in language and literacy.

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Play About Place (October 3)

The Play About Place symposium is a single day gathering dedicated to the investigation of innovative game design within public spaces. In its fifth consecutive year, this event assembles a diverse urban play community, fostering connections among local government bodies, and industry collaborators.

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Creative Exchange Mind Games (October 5)

Learn about, as the full title suggests, mental health and the world of digital games. Specifically, the potential of video games to function as valuable instruments for self-discovery and mental wellbeing. This Creative Exchange unites three distinguished international guests in a conversation centring on the motivations behind gaming, the points of convergence between gaming and mental health, and the diverse applications of gamification across various industry sectors to promote mental wellbeing.

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Melbourne International Games Week 2023 promises to be an exhilarating ride through the diverse and dynamic world of gaming. Don’t miss out on all the MIGW has to offer – from music performances to thought-provoking discussions, it’s a showcase of gaming’s far-reaching impact on art, culture, and education.

Melbourne International Games Week runs from September 30 to October 8. You can check out all of the activities available during MIGW on their website. 

This article was made in partnership with Melbourne International Games Week.