Nick Cave was perfectly suited to Hanging Rock

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Nick Cave was perfectly suited to Hanging Rock

Nick Cave Warren Ellis

Victoria is in for a real treat - Nick Cave, Warren Ellis and Courtney Barnett all playing a gig at the spectacular Hanging Rock in the Macedon Ranges.

In the heart of the Australian bush, nestled amongst the rugged landscape of Victoria’s Macedon Ranges, lies Hanging Rock—a geological wonder steeped in myth, mystery, and intrigue. It was here, amidst the ancient stone formations and towering gumtrees, that the legendary musician and songwriter Nick Cave performed an unforgettable concert, transforming the natural amphitheater into a mesmerizing stage for a night of music, magic, and transcendence.

For fans of Nick Cave, the prospect of seeing him perform at Hanging Rock was a dream come true—a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness their music come alive in a setting of unparalleled beauty and majesty. As the sun began to set and the stars emerged overhead, anticipation grew among the crowd, a palpable sense of excitement and reverence filling the air.

Dressed in his signature black attire, with his piercing eyes and unruly mane of hair, Cave cut a striking figure against the backdrop of the ancient rock formations, his voice carrying across the landscape like a haunting lament.

From the haunting balladry of “Into My Arms”, Cave delivered a performance that was as diverse and dynamic as the landscape that surrounded them. With their masterful musicianship and raw intensity, they wove a tapestry of sound that ranged from the tender and introspective to the visceral and primal, captivating the audience with every note and lyric.

But it wasn’t just the music that made the night so special—it was the setting itself, with its eerie beauty and sense of timelessness, that lent a haunting backdrop to Cave’s performance. As the moon rose high overhead and the shadows danced upon the rocks, there was a sense of magic in the air—a feeling that anything was possible, and that the boundaries between the natural and supernatural worlds were beginning to blur.