Flume, Channel Tres, Toro y Moi, MAY-A: An experience that lived up to the billing

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Flume, Channel Tres, Toro y Moi, MAY-A: An experience that lived up to the billing


When a local Australian artist is supported by two internationals, it shows the absolute magnitude of the performer, raising expectations to dizzying heights.

Not to say that Flume is a strictly local artist. He’s been kicking goals since the release of Skin, playing a shows across Europe and the US, with Aria and Grammy wins out the wazoo.

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Melbourne’s leg of this latest tour, joined by MAY-A, Channel Tres, Toro y Moi and Caroline Polachek, was nothing short of spectacular. Toro warmed up the crowd and helped punters really get into the groove for the evening. As John Cain started filling to the brim, Channel Tres pulled out a high energy set that really tested the low end of the speaker system, and shook the now-bulging crowd to the core.

Just in time for Melbourne to turn the lights off, and to a great roar of excitement from the packed in mob, Flume opened with a mixed-bag of old fan favourites and definitely didn’t disappoint. The light show was spectacular, which was a visual feast and accompaniment to the music that helped to carry through the more low-energy moments during the performance.

MAY-A was the perfect accompanying female vocalist. She carried a flawless performance and hit every note exactly as it sounds on the record. There was almost a lack of a human element in the performance with such a well polished production, leaving fans wondering if there was maybe not enough chances taken in the live side of the show.

Nonetheless the crowd was fed hit after hit. There were a few moments that felt like they were on the crowd, with a number of low-energy moments used for dynamics to make the drops seem even bigger. With the night sky open and clear, and the almost full moon keeping fans company, the gig seemed like it was over too quickly – a memorable start to the summer gig season.

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