New Random Video From Sparkadia

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New Random Video From Sparkadia


Sparkadia release video for China!

Currently the number one most played song on Triple J, the video for Sparkadia’s China has finally dropped.

The video was shot in Victoria earlier this year. It features rollerskates, lipstick, rolling landscapes, people in suits in water, balloons, car rides, villains and thieves… and all other kinds of abstract imagery, kind of in the vein of El Guincho.

Their new album is going off and this video is a nice little taste of what’s to come. The epic nature of the song gives way to some good slow motion shots, some beautiful landscapes, hunky men and what not.

It’s hard to describe except that it’s romantic, silly, big, pretty and tactile. Pretty random too. We like it, even if we don’t really understand it and a lot of people get weird substances on their faces. Er. Then a guy does a bike trick into an inflatable pool. 

Check it out… what is going on here?:

Sparkadia’s new album The Great Impression is out March 18.

They play at The Hi-Fi on March 25. Tickets via