Music industry professionals say the Australian metal scene is in for a big 2020

Music industry professionals say the Australian metal scene is in for a big 2020

Words by Anna Rose

We get the opinions of three music industry professionals.

We’re nearly there, folks! We’re closing out 2019 with a banging festival, satisfied with the killer splay of new releases that have befallen our eardrums, and having bought more merch at live shows than our wardrobes care to conceal.

As I gaze into my crystal ball for what lies ahead, next year I see the Australian metal scene making an even bigger impact on the globe.

But don’t just take my word for it – I asked around the industry for opinions, to find out what they think of the achievements of the Australian metal scene this year, and to hear what they foresee in that crystal ball for the year to come.

Chanel Isa – Music Journalist

“With Download, UNIFY Gathering and Invasion Fest just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to be a heavy music fan in Australia – gone are the days where the death of Soundwave left the scene clamouring for their fix!

“With a veritable buffet of options at our doorstep, we’re hoping our homegrown talent will continue to get their chance to shine on the big stage. With a stack of talent signed to Greyscale Records, UNFD and Resist Records, and an even wider range of kick-arse independent bands, let’s see 2020s festival circuit dominated by the nation’s finest!”

Tim Price – Managing Director, Collision Course/The Faction

“I see the Australian heavy scene only continuing to build and grow, as we have seen every year for the past five [years]. Festivals, media outlets, bands, labels, touring companies and agents – everyone is gearing up and seriously delivering and firing on all cylinders.

“I am so stoked to be a part of it all, and I’m also here cheering on everyone else dropping amazing announcements and achievements. It’s so dope to see.”

Alex Sievers – CEO/Editor,

“Like ‘em or not, Polaris will have a huge year in 2020. Alpha Wolf are sure to conquer even more outside of Australia. More people need to know about Conform in the New Year. If you aren’t listening to Gravemind, ya dreaming and Windwaker are sure to blow up something fierce.

“With Alien, Northlane showed that five albums in, you can create your best and most unique work. New We Lost The Sea saw a post-rock act bucking the genre norms, and Hashshashin made mathy, proggy Middle-Eastern psychedelic drone sound so powerful and moving.”