‘Metropolis’ reboot being filmed in Melbourne, thanks to new virtual infrastructure

‘Metropolis’ reboot being filmed in Melbourne, thanks to new virtual infrastructure

Credit: Metropolis Movie (1927)
words by sidonie bird de la coeur

One of the most technically ambitious film and television projects ever to come to Australia is being filmed in Melbourne – thanks to the construction of epic virtual production infrastructure in the Docklands.

A cutting-edge new virtual production infrastructure is being created at Docklands Studios Melbourne, with the technology attracting NBCUniversal’s new TV series Metropolis – with the aim of creating a bunch of new jobs in the film industry.

The Australian Government has provided $83.8 million in location incentive funding for projects like this, with the Victorian Screen Incentive further contributing $41.6 million to the project.

What you need to know

  • A cutting-edge infrastructure that contains LED volumes will be built in Docklands Studios Melbourne
  • This is part of the government’s Location Incentive project, which puts funding into screen production
  • The NBCUniversal TV series Metropolis will be filmed there, creating thousands of new jobs for filmmakers

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This infrastructure includes the ground-breaking technology that bought worlds to life in The Mandalorian – LED volumes that can display realistic background environments and visual effects. “With this industry-leading infrastructure capability, we’re putting Victoria at the forefront of the global screen industry,” states Victorian creative industries minister Danny Pearson. “Together with the recent addition of our new super sound stage, this will make Victoria the go-to place for ambitious screen productions.”

An eight-part television series inspired by the Fritz Lang work of the same name, Metropolis promises to be a premium television drama series. The project will be written and directed by Sam Esmail, the creator behind Mr. Robot. The original Metropolis is a seminal work in cinema from the Weimar period in Germany and is considered to be the first feature length science fiction film.

The production is estimated to create more than 2,100 jobs for local cast and crew, as well as more than 7,200 roles for extras and will utilise the assistance of more than 2,100 businesses across the country. “Metropolis will be among the largest productions to ever film in Victoria, providing thousands of secure local jobs and delivering a massive skills boost,” Pearson continues.

This is good news for all film students and aspiring filmmakers, as Melbourne University professor Marie Sierra, says: “This exciting initiative provides both students and industry professionals with unrivalled training and access to world-leading LED virtual production technologies both on-campus and at Docklands Studios Melbourne. We are delighted to be partnering with Matchbox NBCUniversal to equip the next generation of storytellers.”

“Victoria is already home to some of the best staff, talent and production facilities in the world,” Pearson continues, “new virtual production infrastructure will cement the state’s reputation as a global screen destination.”

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