Metal: new album from Palace of the King, and you could drum for Nucleust

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Metal: new album from Palace of the King, and you could drum for Nucleust


Palace of the King are among the greatest of a whole wave of guitar-heavy retro rock bands right now, Rival Sons and Greta Van Fleet come to mind, who carry on the heavy-blues-rock tradition of the ‘70s and ‘80s. They’ve just released the single ‘I Am the Storm,’ the second to be unleashed from their forthcoming album Get Right with Your Maker. The album is their third full-length, and the band describe it as a coming-of-age recorded in sessions around the world after spending plenty of time together on the road. Mixing was shared by Machine (Clutch/Crobot) at The Machine Shop in Texas and Liam Jenkins at Somedays Studios in NYC. I’ve heard it and it’s both a refinement and expansion of what they’ve done before, and it deserves to be huge. It’s out on Friday March 23, right before the band heads to Europe for a big run of shows.

Perth’s Nucleust is on the hunt for a new drummer. They had a huge 2017 with the release of their debut Terra Cerebral in July, and capped off the year supporting Six Feet Under in Europe. But now Shay Smith has decided to depart the band. “After playing in bands for most of my life things have changed,” Shay says. “I have learned new skills; made new friends; and changed immensely as a person. Somehow along the way I have completely lost the desire to play for other people. The feelings of joy and motivation I used to feel with an instrument in my hands have been replaced by frustration and anxiety when I have to try to tackle the ever-present problem of succeeding as a band.” Shay will stay on until a new drummer is found. If you think it’s you, inquire at [email protected]

When I lived in Canberra there was a huge, vibrant metal scene. It turns out it wasn’t a fluke of time and geography: our nation’s capital has continued to birth brilliant metal bands. Meet Hostel, who formed in early 2017 as Kitten Hurricane and released an EP called Fake Friends and Bitter Ends. Then they added a second guitarist, beefing up their sound and style to such a point that a name change seemed in order. Their debut album Malevolent will be released in May with a full tour in support, but the video for the title track is online in all the usual places now.

Wednesday 13 and Davey Suicide join forces to bring their devilish goodness and a very early Halloween to Australia in April. Think of it like the Halloween equivalent of Christmas In July. Wednesday 13 was last out here in October for a series of acoustic shows, but this tour will be electric, both literally and figuratively. If you haven’t heard Davey Suicide yet, they’re a band who fuse arena rock, gutter grit, industrial and punk into a big ‘ol sleazy glob of eyeliner and dreads. Think vintage Marilyn Manson meets Bring Me the Horizon meets In This Moment and you’re partway there. They’ll be at the Corner Hotel on Saturday April 28.