Melbourne’s Verseary unveils intimate, folk-driven double-single, ‘A Fools Gold’

Melbourne’s Verseary unveils intimate, folk-driven double-single, ‘A Fools Gold’

Words by Matt Parnell

‘A Fools Gold’ features the two singles, ‘Losing Game and ‘Sad Bad & Blue’.

Inspired by the great Melbourne exodus of 2020, Australian alt-country singer-songwriter Chantelle Rogers, aka Verseary, has released ‘A Fools Gold’.

This double single takes cues from Victoria’s famous gold rush period of the past, and compares it to the groups of people who left the city for the country in the middle of the pandemic. The commonality of these two, of course, being the idea that not everything will be as you dreamed it when you made the switch.

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The melancholy of the two tracks is not just evident from their titles – ‘Losing Game’ and ‘Sad Bad & Blue’ – the fact it’s just Rogers on guitar and vocals furthers the intimacy and poignancy of the song’s narratives.

Though difficult to categorise, ‘Losing Game’ lyrically deals with more of the knowledge of an imminent loss than the loss itself, as it describes the act of driving back to the town you grew up in and not knowing what lies ahead.

‘Sad Bad & Blue’ is similarly simple and to similar effect, doubles down on the isolated nature of a single vocal and guitar in the lamenting style so enabled by country music.

Over the last few years, Verseary has been establishing her name on the Melbourne gig circuit, performing shows on and off at venues across town. In 2020, she released double single, ‘Sorry you feel that way…’, a release featuring the tracks, ‘Because You Were’ and ‘This Dance’.

Check out ‘A Fools Gold’ below.

Listen to ‘A Fools Gold’ on Bandcamp. Verseary launches the double single at The Workers Club on the Sunday July 25 (matinee show). Grab tickets here.