Melbourne’s rising Mitch Bag offers disco-tinged flair from the vogue ‘80s

Melbourne’s rising Mitch Bag offers disco-tinged flair from the vogue ‘80s

Mitch Bag

Up-and-coming Melbourne producer and singer-songwriter Mitch Bag has released his third single ‘Harbour Lights’, a track which draws it’s disco-tinged flair from the vogue 1980s. 

It offers a lyrical tribute to The Great Gatsby author F. Scott Fitzgerald, with Mitch’s smooth vocals and upbeat disco-pop hinting towards the glitz and glamour the novel usually resonates. 

“The song is about taking chances even when coasting by feels like the easiest thing to do,” Mitch says.

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“I’ve always been enamoured by the image of the green light The Great Gatsby longs after. So really, this is my tribute to Fitzgerald’s greatest work”.

Of the accompanying visualiser, Mitch believes he now understands the adage that constraints lead to creativity.

“The visualiser was a tricky one to put together; we’d just been put into full lockdown in Melbourne, so I pulled out my old family VCR and filmed it in my backyard,” he continues.

“I’ve heard it said that artists work best with limitations imposed. To some degree, this project has helped me swing around to that idea”.

Mitch Bag combines techno beats and grooves usually found in dance tracks with a smooth, fresh melodic twang: think sipping a raspberry granita in the middle of a rave. 

The Melbourne based producer/singer/songwriter released his debut single “Green Dragon” earlier this year which amassed over 190k streams on Spotify and his second single “Fake It To A Place” has over 190k streams to date. 

“Fake It To A Place” was played on Triple J morning breakfast radio and “Green Dragon” was added to MTV rotation. Listen to “Harbour Lights” here.

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