Mitch Bag’s new single ‘Fake It To A Place’ is an entrancing neo-disco odyssey

Mitch Bag’s new single ‘Fake It To A Place’ is an entrancing neo-disco odyssey

Words by Arielle Richards

‘Fake It To A Place’ marries ’70s glamour and modern rhythm.

Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Mitch Bag has released his sophomore single, ‘Fake It To A Place’ along with a shimmering visualizer to accompany the track.

While the song’s uptempo disco beat lends its lighthearted, glamorous air to the song, the lyrics have much deeper meaning.

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The song is grounded in the idea of ‘faking it ‘til you make it’, or, in Bag’s own words, “Sometimes in life, faking it to a place where you’re not stressed is the best you can do.”

“I love disco and the drama it embodies, so it felt natural to me for such a painfully personal song to be glamorised into a dance beat frenzy,” he says.

The Melbourne-based musician’s sister, Ollie Olivia, joins him on the track – her vocals the perfect accompaniment to conjure the shimmering, evocative vibe of the late-’70s party scene.

While Bag often finds himself making disco-leaning tracks – something he inherited from his former ‘Disk Jockey’ father – ‘Fake It To A Place’ effortlessly applies a more modern, techno pacing in its production, grounding the track in 2021.

The accompanying visualizer for the track evokes a very Miami vibe, heavily inspired by clubhouse aesthetics, fast cars, and sequin dresses – all perfectly engineered to match the melodic, groovy tone of the track.

Already receiving airtime on triple j in the very week of its release, ‘Fake It To A Place’ is guaranteed to resonate with audiences across all ages, whether it’s for the love of disco or the deeper meaning found in the lyrics.

Either way, Mitch Bag is absolutely one to watch.

Check out ‘Fake It To A Place’ below. 

‘Fake It To A Place’ is out now on all streaming platforms. Keep up to date with Mitch Bag here.