Melbourne’s iconic American Doughnut Kitchen is opening a new shop in Prahran

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Melbourne’s iconic American Doughnut Kitchen is opening a new shop in Prahran

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The beloved American Doughnut Kitchen are bringing their beloved hot jam doughnuts to a brick and mortar store at Prahran Market this Autumn.

In a delicious and sugar-coated revelation, the cherished Melbourne institution, American Doughnut Kitchen, has unveiled plans to sprinkle its sweet legacy across Prahran Market, marking a delectable expansion beyond its vintage van roots at Queen Victoria Market since 1950.

Renowned for their gooey, sugar-kissed hot jam doughnuts, the iconic doughnut haven will open its first bricks-and-mortar shop this autumn at Prahran Market, delivering the same aromatic and customer-centric experience but with a modern twist.

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Taking inspiration from their legendary van, the store’s fit-out promises a nostalgic nod to the past. Picture the same open work station where customers can witness their toasty doughnuts being expertly crafted – cut, cooked, and filled with classic raspberry plum jam – before taking a sugar-dusted plunge.

But, for the very first time, doughnut enthusiasts will be able to elevate their experience by pairing their doughnuts with a steaming cup of coffee from American Doughnut Kitchen, crafting the ultimate Melbourne market breakfast.

Belinda Donaghey, Managing Director of American Doughnut Kitchen, expresses her excitement about this significant expansion, a long-awaited journey for the family-operated business.

“This expansion has been a long-time coming and is a testament to our family’s commitment to creating moments of delight and connection. Our doughnuts are not just a treat; they are a symbol of tradition and indulgence. We’re excited to share our legacy with more doughnut lovers in Melbourne’s south while still staying true to our roots as a market trader.

“The new Prahran Market shop will be an open invitation to join the American Doughnut Kitchen family and discover just how much a humble jam doughnut can mean. We’re looking forward to meeting our new market neighbours and the endless partnership and collaboration possibilities that will come with it,” Belinda shared.

Stay tuned for the American Doughnut Kitchen shop at Prahran Market open date.