Melbourne supergroup Cherry announce debut EP, headline Brunswick gig

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Melbourne supergroup Cherry announce debut EP, headline Brunswick gig

Melbourne band Cherry
Words by Lucas Radbourne

New Melbourne pop-rock band Cherry have announced a new single, forthcoming EP and headline gig at Brunswick's Stay Gold.

Cherry are comprised of Matt Van Duppen and Jacob Charlton from Thornhill, Jack Bergin from Void of Vision, Adam Pinzone from The Beautiful Monument and Tom Devine-Harrison from Tapestry.

They’ve now launched three singles from their upcoming EP Safe In Your Stare, which showcase the group’s artful melodies and the silky vocals of Thornhill’s Jacob Charlton.

Safe In Your Stare is scheduled for release on 24 September.

What you need to know

  • Cherry are a new Melbourne pop-rock supergroup
  • They’ve just released the third single from their upcoming EP
  • They’ve also announced their first headline gig at Brunswick’s Stay Gold in October

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Their newest single is called Alice, which begins with driving guitar riffs and ends with an inevitable pop-rock explosion. Charlton says the dreamy tune is about Alice in Wonderland and long distance relationships.

“The idea of the song is based around Alice from Alice in Wonderland and encapsulates the essence of love from a distance,” lead singer Jacob Charlton said in a statement.

“Long distance relationships are something I could never get my head around so I wanted to venture into this feeling of longing through the phone and first embrace through a character that feels very summer-esque and dreamy, to tie in with the feel of the song’s instrumentation.”

The new release is accompanied by a music video directed by Cian Marangos and written by Charlton himself.

Cherry have announced they’ll (hopefully) play their first headline gig at Brunswick’s Stay Gold on 16 October, supported by Taylah Carroll & Damaged Goods Club.

Tickets are available now here or you can suss the band on Facebook here.