LOSER release alien single Skyward days before new album launch

LOSER release alien single Skyward days before new album launch

Words by Lucas Radbourne

Melbourne rockers LOSER have released high-tempo new single Skyward before dropping their new album All The Rage.

LOSER emerged in 2018, quickly developing a storming reputation in the Australian rock scene, and new single Skyward builds on their stratospheric trajectory.

It’s their third single this year teased from sophomoric upcoming album All The Rage; former singles include Head First and On The Edge.

On The Edge shot the band to national recognition, becoming a staple across Australian radio stations. Skyward comes with a super-grungy music video watchable below.

What you need to know

  • Melbourne rock band LOSER have released a third-single from upcoming album
  • All The Rage is set to launch on 10 September
  • Mixed by Silverchair’s producer, they list Weezer and Oasis as influences.

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It will be their second album in two years after last year’s release Mindless Joy, which was mixed by former Silverhair producer Anton Hagop, and you can hear Daniel Johns’ grunge legacy in Tim Maxwell’s vocals on Skyward.

“I hope there’s something on this album that people feel like they can relate to,” bassist Craig Selak told Rolling Stone. “Even a song like ‘Skyward’ – I mean, it’s about aliens, but it’s also about feeling like when shit’s hitting the fan, you can step out and just focus on yourself…

“I think that’s the overarching theme of the album: you don’t have to step away and hide from the world, you can look within and find something that makes you feel more comfortable. And that really sums up the personal growth we all went through in trying to record this album, learning not to overthink things, and Tim (Maxwell, vocals)’s personal journey with his mental health over the pandemic.”

The band’s lack of tour dates has kept them busy self-recording in the band’s Restless Noise Studios. They have a self-described “penchant for nostalgic and rock combined” and list their inspirations as Weezer, Oasis and Queens of the Stone Age.

All The Rage drops 10 September via Domestic La La.

Listen to LOSER’s new track and check out their upcoming album here.