Melbourne disco-house lads Dubbel Drop are beginning to hit the big time

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Melbourne disco-house lads Dubbel Drop are beginning to hit the big time

Dubbel Drop
Words by Lucas Radbourne

Dubbel Drop have released their new kindred-single Ecstasy and the Melbourne duo are about to score major exposure.

Against the odds, it’s been a fantastic year for Melbourne disco-laden exports.

Dubbel Drop’s Ecstasy is the kind of easy-listening, route-one summer house that brands realise makes excellent advertising fodder, hence the Melbourne duo attracting the attention of McDonalds.

It’s the kind of advertising deal that often completely changes the game for up-and-coming Aussie artists. No doubt, you can expect to hear lots of Ecstasy on YouTube and TV ads for the forseeable future.

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But if you look beneath the surface, the duo have an excellent knack for producing incredibly catchy vocal refrains, layered above the progressive, uplifting vibes that ooze out of their songs.

They take inspiration from Cassius, Armand Van Helden and Boston Bun among others, and at times, their work hints at the depth at the soulful depths their predecessors could hit.

It’s been a quick rise. Dubbel Drop’s new track comes after securing regular plays on Triple J for their debut single, Mighty Knight.

The duo announced that Ecstasy will have remixes coming soon by Wongo, Super Disco Club and Jerk Boy. It’s already seen early additions in the UK from Kiss FM (UK), BBC Radio 1 and Radio 1 Dance programming.

Listen to Dubbel Drop’s tracks here.