Le Shiv had to get wasted for their new single to ‘make sense’

Le Shiv had to get wasted for their new single to ‘make sense’

Le Shiv

‘We’ve all been there. Walking home late at night with an accomplice for what’s come before. Still on a high with no sense of time but just enough smarts to be going in the right direction. The drunk talk starts.’

That’s how Le Shiv define the inspiration behind their newest single, ‘I’m Fine, I’ve said Too Much, But How Are You?’

The Sydney indie rock three piece Le Shiv document it with a very 1990s Rage-era music video, layered psych vocals, storming guitars and no shortage of clappers in a song that builds momentum and eventually delivers.

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It’s the bands second release in 2021, following the brooding ‘When The Kids Grow Up’ and comes from a writing and recording period in Los Angeles with Andy Baldwin (Car Seat Headrest, HAERTS, Bonaparte).

Le Shiv vocalist Pencil describes the inspiration behind the song: “I’m Fine, I’ve Said Too Much, But How Are You?’ is about a drunk couple trying to get home after a big night.

“For some drunken reason they are struggling to make it anywhere. When we were writing it we didn’t really know how to end the song. We spent ages trying to work out the ending but were lacking the energy to really get it right. It got to the point where we thought we should maybe embody the real emotions of the characters in the song.

“So we bought a bottle of whiskey and hit the studio and the ending came all of a sudden and made total sense. The ending is kinda the pinnacle fucked up moment of the song. Nothing a bottle of whiskey can’t fix.”

Leaving Australia for the USA in 2018 as The Ruminaters, the band spent the first few months writing and demoing new material. It was clear these new songs weren’t The Ruminaters, so they decided to start fresh and create a whole new project. With Pencil, Moss and Jarleth, Le Shiv was born.

With a bag full of songs and their live following gaining momentum in the US via their own headline shows and a tour with compatriots Skegss, Le Shiv were announced as special guest for Grouplove’s North American tour. A week before the tour was due to start the COVID pandemic hit.

Currently back in Australia, writing songs and playing whatever shows they can, Le Shiv plan to release more songs they recorded with Andy throughout 2021 and early 2022.
Stream Le Shiv’s new track everywhere right here.